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All partners united in one committee

A steering committee, consisting of 15 representatives from the confederation (COGIS), the cantons (CCGEO), cities and municipalities as well as the Swiss Organization for Geo-Information (SOGI), is responsible for the program.

The steering committee determines the general direction and the strategies of the program. Its presidency is assumed by the president of the GCS-COGIS. The cooperation between the GCS-CODIS and is thus guaranteed. In addition, there are two vice-presidents who are designated on the one part by the cantons and municipalities coordinated by the CCGEO, and on the other part by private organizations coordinated by SOGI.

The office includes the president, his two vice-presidents, and the person responsible for the secretariat. Its main task is to prepare and organize the meetings of the steering committee. A list of all members can be seen on the web page.

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