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About the program

Use geodata to create added value for everyone

Geo-information is the basis for planning, measures and decisions of all kinds: in administration, politics, economy and science as well as in the private sector. It is a significant economic asset and an essential prerequisite for a well-functioning democracy.

In order to use geo-information effectively, it must be up to date, compatible and available on a broad basis. Coordinated policy as well as uniform standards and technologies are essential on the national and local levels.

The creation of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) aims at a broader and more intensive use in addition to a significantly improved creation of value from existing geo-information. The result for all parties is a marked increase of the socio-economic use: for the administrations on the federal, cantonal and municipal levels, for private businesses and the scientific community as well as for private citizens.

Network and the national spatial data infrastructure with the themes: basic geoinformation, metadata, basic geoservices, technical infrastructure, education and training, standards, legal basis, strategy for distribution and pricing
National spatial data infrastructure NSDI
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